Anyone Actually Heard of Estaban - the QVC guitar guy?

topic posted Wed, January 5, 2005 - 1:55 PM by  digital gypsy
A bunch of us on the Guitar Tribe were wondering who is this Estaban guy who sells acoustic guitars on QVC. Supposedly he used to be some great player - taught by Segovia - until the guy got hit by a drunk driver, lost use of BOTH hands (damn...) then ten years later regained use of his hands and is selling guitars on QVC.

Anyone actually ever heard of him outside of QVC?
  • I used to go see him play in Scottsdale, AZ at The Hyatt @ Gainey Ranch. He's, not surprisingly, a great player. I hadn't heard that he was taught by Segovia or lost use of his hands at some point.
    • Yeah, me too -- the Hyatt in Scottsdale: That's the guy. Does he still play there? I've never seen him on QVC. What does he do on the shopping channel?
      • On QVC Esteban sells this "How to play guitar" package. Video, books, guitar. It's a really basic course and a VERY basic acoustic classical; as soon as you know the basics your next step would be to get a better guitar and use the infomercial one for a planter.

        Esteban lives down here in the Phoenix area. He's not AWFUL but you're known more for selling things than for how good you are you have to wonder. People think he's great because he's been on Television, and not necessarily because they're wildly proficient players.

        His Segovia credentials don't mean anything. I know lots of people who've been trained on sitar by Ravi Shankar. That doesn't mean they're as good as Ravi Shankar. Shit, NOBODY'S as good as Ravi Shankar. I doubt there will ever be another Segovia, either.

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    • His infomercial was ALL OVER cable this morning so I watched some of it. And as a person who used to write infomercials (for which I am truly, deeply sorry), I can safely say that it's one of the most insincere grabs for a buck I've ever seen.

      Esteban's playing on the show is, for all intents and purposes, rather second-rate and at times very ham-handed. I was kinda surprised that they were letting him get away with some of the sloppy guitar playing he gets away with.

      Here's where I turned it off: he actually had the gall to imply that what made the guitar you get a true quality guitar was that "unlike many guitars," (oh yeah? Name one) this guitar allowed you to play harmonics on THREE DIFFERENT FRETS! 12 , 7, AND 5!

      Is there a guitar out there that DOESN'T do that? I haven't found it...

      It would also be nice if Estaban looked like he gave a shit about actually being there, and if they'd hired a host that looked like she knew what she was talking about...

  • so-called “Guitar legend” Esteban was stripped of his legendary status this week when it was discovered that he is an entirely fictional character created specifically to sell pressboard guitars in infomercials.

    Allan Holdsworth, guitar legend and president of “Real Guitar Legends For Truth” released a statement on Monday calling for the immediate cessation of all applications of the appellation “Guitar legend” to the television character known as “Esteban”. According to the statement, “Esteban is a fictional character created by L.A. session guitarist Dan Fernaueu for the express purpose of marketing a cheap, poorly constructed guitar-like instrument on the Home Shopping Channel.”

    The scandal intensified when the Recording Academy revealed that claims that “Esteban” had won “several Grammys” were false.

    These charges come on the heels of last month’s statement from the Musical Instrument Manufacturers Association that the “Esteban” guitar could not, in fact, be classified as an actual guitar due to the fact that it is constructed out of reclaimed materials such as discarded telephone directories and medical waste. The MIMA demanded that the instrument be classified as a toy
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    I have no idea if his QVC guitars are ligit or garbage but I do know he has a shop/gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. I also have pictures of him and his daughter playing at the Plaza in Santa Fe in the summer of 2007. I don't play myself but I know good sound when I hear it. Whether it was him or someone posing as him, they know how to play.
    • I have heard of him no I have never seen him on QVC , But I did buy 10 DVD lessons from Ebay for 35.00 as far as his guitars I don't know, I just bought a basic Martin, I never learned a chord before so I'm going to see if this will work, and if it does I will up grade to a Gibson JS-200, no need to spend a big chunck of change on one before I know if I want to play.

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